Messages from the Network Editor

Welcome message

I am delighted to welcome the Tobacco Addiction Group to the Public Health and Health Services Network.  The Network now includes: Consumers and Communication, Effective Practice and Organization of Care, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, Work and Tobacco Addiction.


We are communicating now on an informal email list for Review Group editors and staff in the Network.  Please let me know if people should be added or deleted from this list.  The list is not monitored and is susceptible to spam or unauthorized forwarding.  So, please keep this in mind.  The CET is also trying to identify the best way forward regarding email lists.  Will keep you posted.

A monthly network meeting?

Please provide feedback on the following suggestion: A one-hour monthly network meeting (using go-to-meeting) to discuss editorial problems and solutions of relevance across the network.  This could include, for example, prioritization methods, methodological and statistical issues in specific reviews, handling duplication, rejecting reviews, COI issues, editorial processes, etc.  The purpose is to raise a problem and discuss solutions; no whining!  Circulation of an agenda and any background info will rotate among the Senior Editor team (Lisa and Newton) and all Review Groups in the network.  So, we will each organize about 2 meetings per year.  This will undoubtedly be early mornings or evenings for everyone!  If this has support, we will organize a doodle poll and start scheduling.

Statistical Support

The need for statistical support was consistently mentioned during my talks with the Coordinating editors.   I am currently exploring a few options with Central Team to get more support for the network.  It’s looking promising.

Presentation of Cochrane Reviews

In case you missed the Midyear Strategic Session, here is Sarah Rosenbaum’s presentation on user and producer-friendly formatting of Cochrane reviews (and the prototype).  Given the complexity of the reviews in our network, there has been a great deal of interest in participating in this project.

Development of guidances on implementing The Handbook 

Many groups expressed an interest in having author guidances that could be used as Network resources.  Newton and I can tackle this, but we first need to know about the resources that each group has already developed.  (Thanks to Consumer and Communication for sharing already).  Please let us know what resources you have developed.  We will collate, share across the network, and identify gaps where new resources will be needed.

Working with WHO

Every review group in this Network produces reviews for WHO, one of Cochrane’s official partners and an obviously important public health stakeholder.  Some of these reviews are published elsewhere, not in The Cochrane Library.  One of my priorities as Senior Editor will be to improve our ability to produce important reviews for WHO and other stakeholders.  The Governing Board has approved plans to implement the Fast-Track and there will be communications about strategic decisions, including webinars.  Expansion of the Fast-Track Service will be one opportunity and I will be exploring others.

Upcoming face-to-face meeting

Networks meeting, TBN, Edinburgh Colloquium.

Best wishes,


Professor Lisa Bero PhD
Senior Editor
Cochrane Public Health and Health Systems