Introducing Cochrane Public Health and Health Systems

Welcome to the newly-established Cochrane Public Health and Health Systems, one of Cochrane’s Review Group Networks launching in 2018.

The formation of this thematic network is part of Cochrane’s CRG Transformation programme, which sets out the changes we will be making to ensure Cochrane produces a comprehensive collection of timely, high-quality reviews, relevant to our stakeholders.

Our Networks provide an opportunity to optimize leadership and support for Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs). Cochrane Public Health and Health Systems consists of six CRGs:

One of my priorities as a Senior Editor is to help groups work together to produce systematic reviews that cover global public health topics that assist decision-makers. This issue is of vital importance for the Public Health and Health Systems Network because our reviews are of key interest to global and country-specific stakeholders. However, this will be a challenging task as the groups within this network are very diverse, some already have established priorities, and some have resource constraints. Therefore, we will be leveraging central resources to support review groups and help them work together in order to promote the use of Cochrane evidence in health policy decisions.

Important questions often lead to big reviews! Many reviews from the Public Health and Health Systems Network are complex and present a number of new methodological challenges for Cochrane, as well as challenges in how the findings of reviews should be presented. Our network is ideally positioned to push the boundaries on methods and presentation for Cochrane Reviews. I see advancing methods for these types of reviews as an important network activity that will enable us to demonstrate innovation.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate and support all the Cochrane Review Group staff in the Network. I look forward to sharing our new Network with you, together with our reviews, knowledge and resources across all topics of global public health.

Professor Lisa Bero

Senior Editor, Cochrane Public Health and Health Systems